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Ice Rink

Located on the 5th floor of Vincom Plaza Bien Hoa, Vinpearlland Ice Rink Bien Hoa, Dong Nai – member of Vinpearlland Ice Rink system – has become an ideal destination for young people who want to experience a rink made from real ice which is mostly available in Frigid zone countries.

With modern natural ice rink technology from Europe, the rink area of more than 700m2 100mm ice thickness, each session at Vinpearlland Ice Rink Bien Hoa can serve between 100 and 150 interested customers who enjoy exploring this novel sports. In addition, the ice rink also offers ice-skating support equipment in the shape of penguins and seals to help skaters have the right posture, as well as most exciting and complete experience enjoy skating.

Within Vinpearlland Ice Rink – the only system of genuine ice rinks in Vietnam – Vinpearlland Ice Rink Bien Hoa will launch a new range of ice-skating and hockey classes for sports enthusiasts, and give wings to Vietnamese Ice Skating’s dream of being in world’s championships.

 Opening hours 09:30 – 22:00
 Capacity 100 people/ session
 Utilities Medical Offices, skating aids (Penguins, seals)
 Class Basic, Personal Coach


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